Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Perfect Red; Illamasqua Box

 I firstly want to apologise for being so MIA, I have been dealing with stuff and in the wake of it been spending quality time with family and my mum and embrace family, I have missed writing and interacting with you guys and I’m now back on the wagon!

So I’m a sucker for red lipsticks, I love the classic blue-red colour and I find it compliments me and my personality and usual style perfectly, it’s the right balance of cheeky and sophisticated and hey doesn’t it make us all feel the ultimate Marilyn Monroe?!

A few weeks ago my mum and I where browsing illamasqua lipsticks, my mum picked up Shard and I picked up Box, I loved the matte red on the girl serving me and decided  I must have it. It retails at £16.50 which isn’t much difference to MAC in all honesty and the girls who severed me where so lovely I couldn’t resist.

I think the name Box reminds me of a typical British red phone box with its perfectly polished quintessentially English exterior. I got it home and being me opened it and starting swatching...

I firstly applied this minus lipliner, I’ve never had a problem with lipstick bleeding into my skin, and bleeding wouldn’t bother me if my lips weren’t already big and rather thick. Box did bleed for me with no liner and smudge a lot around the lines of my lips so commence liner! I used a cheap liner, one of my favourites from MUA in just a red (I don’t have a picture, naughty me!) and I also used this to fill in my lips.

Then Box glided on and set matte, I also patted on some translucent powder as I do with all matte lippy to ensure it stayed matte and stayed put, but make sure its translucent to avoid concealer lips with a hint of rose... I fell in love.

The colour lasts. I think this is because its matte, I’m not saying it stays perfect, it wore off a little in the centre from everyday use for example eating and coffee drinking, but the nice thing is that I’m not left with naked lips, the colour acts almost as a stain and left a red hue on my lips which from a distance still looks like the lipstick and believe me I do not get close enough to anyone to think that my lipstick is rubbing off!

For me this is the perfect lipstick, I’m personally not a fan of glossy reds, I think red and gloss is often a bit too much and I prefer the finish of matte lipsticks however much hard work it is to maintain the colour payoff and lasting power of them.

Have you tried box? What is your favourite illamasqua lipstick and most important Matte or gloss? 

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  1. Hi! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out my post for more details :) xx

  2. this is such a gorgeous shade, I love a red lip

  3. I have just nominated you for the Liebster Award!! Visit my blog to have a look at the questions I have asked you !

    Much love,
    Silvy xxx

  4. Nice blog! I nominated you for a Liebster Award, check out my post here to see what's it about :)


  5. Wow, that's such a fabulous shade! I'm very tempted to try it myself.

    - You've a lovely blog, here. x

  6. I love a good red lip! :D
    The blue undertones would be great for making your teeth look whiter too!
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