Friday, 24 January 2014

Chatty Friday! Gap Years!

As mentioned in my last chatty Friday and also in my ‘About me’ I’m living it up on a gap year! I distinctly remember googling ‘gap year’ looking for experiences and blog posts, but there really wasn’t very much to read so I decided to post my own experience so far for this Chatty Friday! So if you’re on a gap year or are looking at taking one read on!

I actually wasn’t planning on taking a gap year at all during college, I had applied as if I was going to go in September, I remember at my college there was so much emphasis on decided there and then- and with certain competitive courses this is most definitely the case however as someone looking to go into Live Events Management I decided in August- yes a month before I was due to leave- to defer my application, I felt unsure on my course, on money and I had a great job as I had been taken on full-time to cover maternity, I feel right giving it up to go to uni just yet.

Deferring means I still hold my place and I didn’t need to reapply, all I did was email my course co-ordinator about my circumstances and why I was taking a gap year and asked to defer and within a couple of days I got such a friendly reply saying it was all confirmed, so don’t be afraid to ask! If you have a good intention they will say yes.

And no! I do not have a load of money and for me it isn’t a ‘gap yah’ I think with the £9000 fees more and more people are taking gap years as a way to really make sure what your spending your money on is right and to gain experience and maybe even build up a ‘uni fund’ to spend on maintaining a lifestyle when you get there.

It is important to plan what you’re going to do with your time and weigh up if it is going to be more productive and to you- better than attending uni this year, for me I had a job and I had applied for Camp America so to me it’s totally worth it, and not everything you do with your time has to cost, try looking for work experience in your future field or volunteering, anything to enhance your CV and broaden your opportunities.

But of course it is important to keep on top of things while you’re on a year out including accommodation applications and most importantly student finance applications again...

I think this is the basics of a gap year, I have left some links for you to check out below and if you have any questions tweet me or leave a comment! 

Real Gap
Year Out Group

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